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60V High Voltage Lithium Battery Pack

18650-16S6P lithium battery pack has a high voltage of 60V,Fully charged voltage,discharged voltage,charging current Max. discharge current can be designed based on the requirements of your products.

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Ⅰ/ Products Spec:


Model 18650-16S6P
Dimensions 56*115*312mm
Capacity 20Ah
Voltage 60V
Environment of usage -40℃~80℃
Certifications CE、ROHS、UL、FCC、KC、IEC62133、CQC、UN38.3、MSDS


Ⅱ/ Product Description:


18650 battery cells can be combined in parallel or in series freely to achieve different capacity and voltage. The max. discharging current your product needs can be achieved by design the PCM.


The lithium battery produced by SUM has passed the tests such as extrusion,needling and others. The test results show that the battery does not fire, burn,or explode.


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