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Mobile Coffee Machine Lithium Battery Packed by 18650

Brand:SUM Item:Mobile Coffee Machine Battery Size:56*151*312(mm) Nominal Capacity:20Ah Charge Current:4A Normal Voltage:59.2V Discharge condition:Load resistance 3.9Ω, 24/day, cut-off 0.9V Shelf Life:5 years

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Ⅰ/ Products specs

Environment of usage-40℃~80℃

Ⅱ/ Product description

The lithium battery produced by SUM has passed the tests such as extrusion,needling and others. The test results show that the battery does not fire, burn,or explode.

safety performance testing


A round bar weighting around 9kgs with a diameter of 15.8 mm is placed on the battery falling on the battery surface from 61±2.5cm of height. An evaluation is done to assess situations that may cause internal short circuits, such as possible impacts or crushing during shipping


Needle test

Using a press machine with a steel needle of 3-3.5mm diameter, the battery is punched at 10-40mm/s speed and there should be no smoke, no fire, no explosion after pulling it out. The internal short circuit condition is evaluated and simulated by this prodding test .

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