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Lithium-ion Batteries Pack

Lithium-ion Batteries Pack

The 763688-2P polymer lithium-ion battery pack has 6000mAH capacity which is assembled by two polymer lithium-ion battery cells.The size of the battery cell is 7.6mm thick, 36mm wide and 88mm high. Two 763688 battery cells assembled in parallel can increase the capacity of the battery while the size of itself will also be increased.

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Ⅰ/ Products specs

Environment of usage-40℃~80℃

Ⅱ/ Product description

The 763688 lithium battery is a polymer rechargeable battery. Its recycling life has more than 500 times. This lithium battery does not contain heavy metals, lead-free and mercury-free, safe and environmentally friendly.

Our batteries have multinational certifications like CE, UL, KC and others. Products from our company can be exported to all countries around the world.

Batteries can be customized,assembled and shipped according to your requirements. 

Batteries can be customized as your needs to apply to different temperature environment. The temperature can range from 80 ° C  to  -40 ° C . Waterproof batteries, high voltage lithium battery, etc. can also be customized.

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