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  • Solar Battery
    Solar Battery
    The 405597-2S battery pack is made up with two 405597 lithium battery cells. The surface is covered with a PVC film to protect the battery.
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  • Lithium Ion Battery
    Lithium Ion Battery
    492098 polymer lithium ion battery cell is an ultra-thin battery,it can be used on the products which have strict requirements on the size of battery.
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  • Lithium Batteries
    Lithium Batteries
    This 901860 is polymer lithium-ion battery. It is a smaller size lithium battery that can be applied to Bluetooth speakers, children's toys, smart electronic locks, etc.
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  • 18650 Lithium Battery
    18650 Lithium Battery
    This 18650 lithium battery pack is a 7.4V power battery, mainly used in electric tools, hand-held testing equipment, industrial testing equipment and other products.
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  • Li-SOCl2
    ER18505 Li-SOCl2 can be used as a single battery, or more than one ER18505 are assembled into a battery pack. The storage life of ER18505 Li-SOCl2 can up to 10 years.
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  • Lithiium Thionyl Chloride
    Lithiium Thionyl Chloride
    This is a capacity type Lithiium Thionyl Chloride battery, which is a large capacity battery at 13000mAh.
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  • C Size Alkaline Batteries
    C Size Alkaline Batteries
    This battery is a battery pack assembled by 6pcs C type batteries. It is an alkaline batteries applied on escape doors.
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  • LiSOCl2
    Lithium thionyl chloride battery chemical name is Li-SOCl2, referred to as lithium sub-battery.
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  • AAA Size Battery
    AAA Size Battery
    This is an alkaline battery and is a disposable battery at AAA size.
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  • AA Size Battery
    AA Size Battery
    This is an alkaline battery and is a disposable battery at AA size.
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  • POS Machine Battery
    POS Machine Battery
    This lithium battery is used in the backup power supply of the POS machine, and a plastic case is added according to the customer's product requirements.
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  • High Temp Battery
    High Temp Battery
    This solar lithium battery can resist high temperature, and it is a storage battery that can work at a high temperature of 80 °C.
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