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Software Updates Short The Battery Life?

- Jul 16, 2018 -

Always left with flat battery when you really need your smartphone? Now you have something to blame.

When iPhones or Android phones are updated to the latest version of their operating system, their battery life can fall by as much as three hours, said a Telegraph report.

Phone companies always release one or two software updates every year. Users may receive notifications urging them to upgrade, but when they do, they are stuck with the new software for there is no way to revert to the previous system.

Despite the new features and enhanced security of the new system, its early versions can be loaded with bugs and consume more power with its enhanced capabilities.

A two-year-old iPhone 6 can lose as much as 38 minutes of battery life when it is updated to the latest version of Apple's iOS software. A Google Nexus 6P phone goes down from 12 to nine hours of battery life after the most recent version of Android is installed, said the report.

But there are also ways to extend the battery life of your smartphone. Here is some advice:

1. Dim your screen at least half and set your phone to turn off screen after one minute or so after no action.

2. Turn off the GPS service. You may turn it on only if you really need to locate yourself.

3. Avoid using demanding services, such as watching video or playing multi-player games.

4. Turn off wireless services, such as Wi-Fi, bluetooth, NFC, radio, unless you really need them.

5. Keep your phone at a reasonable temperature. Do not expose your phone in extreme cold or heat.