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The First Production Line Of Solid Lithium Batteries In China Was Completed And Put Into Operation In Kunshan

- Nov 20, 2018 -

On November 19, 2018, the second BBS lithium battery technology and industrial development in kunshan. The reporter learns from the BBS, the domestic first solid-state lithium battery production line has been completed and put into production in November in kunshan, and launched the first solid-state lithium battery products.

Solid state lithium battery abandoned the inflammable and explosive dangerous chemicals - electrolyte, with high energy density, safe and reliable, which can realize flexible/miniaturization, etc. Even for battery for acupuncture, shear, compression, impact weight and other physical damage will not be smoke, fire and explosion accidents and meet the demand of special application scenarios of high security.


Solid-state batteries are recognized in academia and industry development direction for the next generation of lithium batteries, including Toyota, Toshiba, apple, and international famous companies such as BMW, mercedes-benz, Volkswagen is layout in this area. Qing tao (kunshan) energy development co., LTD., a successful research and development of high safety and high energy density solid-state lithium battery technology, and built the first solid-state batteries production line, become the industry leader.


With the further increase of solid state battery technology, evolution of qing tao will according to the market demand to push technology, has been with several large car companies, the vehicle has a clear roadmap for solid-state batteries equipment, is expected in 2020 will be able to meet the needs of car companies in terms of power battery, provide battery solution for it.