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The Advantages, Application Field And Development Prospect Of Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Pack

- Jan 21, 2019 -

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Advantages of lithium iron phosphate battery pack:

Compared with other types of batteries, lithium battery packs have the following significant advantages.

(1) High working voltage. The operating voltage of li-ion batteries is 3.6v, that of li-ion batteries is 3.7v, that of lithium iron phosphate batteries is 3.2v, and that of nickel-hydride and nickel-cadmium batteries is only 1.2v.

(2) high energy density. The theoretical energy density of the anode material of lithium battery package can be more than 200W·h/kg. Due to the irreversible loss of capacity in practical application, the energy density is usually lower than this value, but it can also be up to 140W·h/kg. The value is still 3 times of nickel-cadmium battery and 1.5 times of nickel-hydride battery.

(3) long cycle life. At present, under the condition of deep discharge, the cycle times of lithium battery pack can reach more than 1000 times. Under the condition of low discharge depth, the cycle times can be up to tens of thousands of times, and its performance is much better than other similar batteries.

(4) small self discharge. The monthly self-discharge rate of li-ion battery is only 5% ~ 9% of the total capacitance, which greatly alleviates the problem of power loss caused by self-discharge when the traditional secondary battery is placed.

(5) no memory effect. The lithium iron phosphate battery pack does not have this phenomenon. No matter what state the battery is in, it can be used at any time without needing to be put in first and then fully charged.

(6) High environmental protection. Compared with the environmental pollution caused by the waste of traditional lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries and even nickel-hydride batteries, the lithium iron phosphate materials do not contain any heavy metals or rare metals, and are non-toxic. They are pollution-free in both production and use, making them truly green batteries.

(7) quick charge: lithium battery can large current 2C quick charge and discharge, under the special charger 1.5C charge can be full of battery within 40 minutes, start current up to 2C, and lead acid battery now no such performance.

(8) security: security comes from the stability of positive materials and reliable safety design, lithium iron phosphate battery pack has gone through strict safety test, even in a violent collision will not produce an explosion.

(9) Pet-name ruby high-temperature: lithium iron phosphate battery heat spikes of up to 350 ~ 350 ℃, wide range of operating temperature (20 ~ + 75 ℃), high temperature (60 ℃) still can emit 100% capacity.

Application field of lithium iron phosphate battery pack:

(1) At present, mobile phones, notebook computers, miniature cameras and other appliances that need portable power supply have become an indispensable part of people's life. In terms of power supply, lithium battery packs are the mainstream of the market without exception. According to statistics, the global production of mobile phones is nearly 2.1 billion per year, and the global production of notebook computers is about 150 million per year, forming a huge market for lithium battery applications. In this field, lithium cobalt acid, lithium manganese acid lithium ion battery occupies the leading position.

(2) application in the transportation industry with the progress of social civilization, people's awareness of environmental protection is improving and their requirements for the environment are rising day by day. Environment-friendly vehicles have entered people's vision. At present, China's electric light vehicles, mainly electric bicycles, are showing a booming trend. The dynamic lithium iron phosphate battery pack has begun to be applied in some high-end models. In terms of electric vehicle development, lithium ion battery has become the mainstream.

In China, lithium batteries are used in more than half of the electric vehicles developed by many automobile research and production enterprises, and there is a trend of gradual expansion.

(3) in the application of military equipment and aerospace enterprise in military equipment, lithium iron phosphate battery pack is used primarily as a dynamic start-up power, wireless communication station power, miniature unmanned reconnaissance aircraft power supply, etc., in addition, such as laser sight, night-vision device, the pilot life-saving station is now also widely used lithium ion battery power supply, etc. In the space sector, lithium batteries have been used in geostationary and low-orbit communications satellites as power for launch and in-flight calibration and ground operations.

(4) other lithium battery's own structure characteristics and working principle of special, determines its rich raw materials, environmental protection, high specific capacity, cycle performance and safety performance is good wait for a characteristic, in the medical industry (for example, hearing AIDS, heart pacemakers, etc.), the petrochemical industry (oil, for example, the power load adjustment), the power industry (for example, energy storage power) have broad application prospects. In the pursuit of energy green today, has more important significance.

With the rapid development of mobile electronic equipment and the increasing demand for energy, the demand for lithium iron phosphate battery packs is increasing. Due to its high capacity, moderate voltage, wide range of sources, long cycle life, low cost, good performance and no pollution to the environment, lithium battery is not only suitable for mobile communication tools, but also may become the power source for the rapidly developing electric vehicles.

Development prospect analysis of lithium iron phosphate battery pack:

As the anode material of lithium battery package, lithium iron phosphate is the safest anode material of lithium ion battery at present. Due to its safety and stability, lithium iron phosphate battery has become an important development direction of lithium ion power battery. With the global trend of vigorously developing new energy vehicles has been formed, China's lithium battery pack status will continue to improve in the future, sooner or later will become a dark horse in the industry.

The annual output of lithium iron phosphate batteries in China is about 10 thousand tons, which will maintain a high growth rate in the next few years. Lithium battery pack affects the industrial reform of energy storage and other new energy fields, and is related to the development of China's new energy vehicle market. With the in-depth development of national environmental protection, the development scale of China's lithium battery industry will become larger and larger in the next few years.

With the development of lithium battery package structure technology, the group energy density of lithium iron phosphate has reached the level of NCM523, and is still improving. Policy tilt plus technological progress, lithium iron phosphate battery pack future market can be expected.

Some lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturers also seize the "new track" through a series of slots while consolidating the existing market. After years of hard work, guoxuan high-tech co., ltd. has a group of strategic customers in the field of passenger cars and special vehicles, such as saic chase, ankai bus, dayun automobile, jinlong bus, etc. In the field of industrial vehicles, guoxuan high-tech has specially set up the forklift truck technology project team, aiming at the technical requirements of this market segment for batteries, specially developed forklift lithium iron phosphate batteries. It is reported that guoxuan high-tech forklift power battery has been widely used in tobacco, medicine, food and beverage, automobile and parts, logistics, home appliances and other manufacturing fields.