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Rechargeable Battery Common Sense

- Dec 15, 2017 -

Ni-MH high-capacity Battery in the retail market, the highest visibility, its 1500mAH 5th (AA) and 650 mah of the 7th (AAA) battery for a considerable period of time is the commercial retail market can buy the largest battery, and excellent performance, the recovery life is far greater than the nominal value. In particular, number 7th battery, capacity can reach 650mAH.

Counterfeit rechargeable batteries are also many, mainly counterfeit two-section hanging plate and four plastic seal lite, we in the electronic market is easy to see these fake figure, the price from 6 yuan/board to 10 yuan/board have. Typically, retail users encounter a nickel-hydrogen battery of less than 10 yuan per section. Some black-hearted businessmen will sell fake goods to the real price of sale, plus fake packaging some version of the simulation is quite high, users are difficult to identify, so it is best to exclusive shop (point) to buy.