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Quel Est Le Mode De Partage De La Batteries

- Sep 25, 2018 -

Battery pollution, explosions, etc. The government urgently needs to solve

The battery car personnel in the residential area to pull the charging line, privately connected to the charging head to charge the electric car, causing a great safety hazard, there have been many electric vehicle burning, explosion and other accidents across the country. And the waste battery also caused serious battery pollution.

Therefore, the government is very concerned about the problem of batteries. From 15 to now, the whole country is also dealing with battery pollution and battery charging problems, but the effect is not so obvious. The emergence of shared batteries is just about improving all aspects of the battery. The government is also concerned about sharing batteries. In the future, it is also encouraging the implementation of shared batteries.

Shared battery has broad market prospects and has a market scale of hundreds of billions

At the current stage, it is just enough for the take-away industry and the express delivery industry to share batteries. There are millions of electric vehicles used throughout the country for express delivery and take-out. Once the shared battery is realized, the shared points are placed in place, and these cars are no longer afraid of the car being out of power, and also save the trouble of finding the place to charge every day.

Do shared batteries and have a broader market. There are 250 million electric vehicles in China, which are connected to the power supply for charging, and the charging of private wires has caused serious safety hazards. Once the shared battery can be implemented, the electric vehicle has no internal battery after parking, and does not need to be charged, which is convenient for government management. Moreover, the user does not need to purchase a battery, which greatly reduces the user's battery cost. Avoid all kinds of non-standard waste battery treatment, make the battery 0 pollution use, and use the cleaner usage mode to subvert the tradition.

What is the mode of sharing the battery?

In the future, electric vehicle users can search online for intelligent replacement cabinets with replaceable batteries! He only needs to ride an electric car, then put the battery that is about to be discharged into the battery cabinet, and take out the fully charged battery in the electric car. It can realize the second power exchange, no need to wait, lasting battery life, no need to buy electric vehicle battery.

The shared battery operator's power change cabinet can be reasonably arranged according to the line, mileage, battery capacity, and number of electric vehicles. At present, the shared power exchange cabinet is stronger for the target customers, and has uniform standards for battery specifications and electric vehicle specifications. Of course, many risks can be avoided in management and safety.

Once a company that shares a battery finds a third-party system development company (a professional system developer who shares the battery), you can carry out a full-line layout. Your model can be self-operated, inviting, acting, and quickly running the model. National.

Therefore, doing shared power exchange cabinets is the trend of sharing the industry in the future, and it is just needed. In the traditional battery industry, only by letting go of the shackles can we usher in subversion! Also sticking to the traditional electric vehicle supporting marketing model, it will only be eliminated by the times!