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Panasonic Teamed Up With Toyota To Develop New Energy Batteries

- Jan 23, 2019 -

Toyota motor and panasonic have reached an agreement to set up a joint venture company for square batteries for new energy vehicles.

According to the introduction, in order to build a competitive power and stable supply of vehicle battery business system for many automobile manufacturers, Toyota motor and panasonic signed a business unity contract and joint venture contract on the establishment of a new company for square battery business of new energy vehicles. The cooperation contents are as follows:

1. Establish the joint venture company before the end of 2020 (on the premise of obtaining the approval of antitrust laws of various countries and regional governments)

2. Investment ratio of the joint venture: 51% for Toyota motor and 49% for panasonic

3. Business scope of the joint venture company: research, development, production technology, manufacturing, procurement, order acceptance and management of square lithium batteries, all-solid batteries and next-generation batteries for new energy vehicles

4, Toyota in its battery development and production technology, equipment and personnel in the field of panasonic will be in the development of new energy automobile business with square batteries, production technology, manufacturing, factory is located in Japan, and China) in dalian, procurement, accept orders and related to the management function of equipment and other assets, debt and personnel, etc., each tube to the joint venture company

5. The number of relevant employees transferred by the two companies to the target business of the joint venture company is about 3,500

6. In principle, the goods are sold to a wide range of automobile manufacturers through panasonic

It is understood that in the field of automobile, we should not only face the changes in customers' demands for the intelligent connection, autonomous driving and Shared service of cars, but also face the social issues that need to be solved urgently such as resources and energy caused by global warming. In particular, in the face of environmental problems to solve, in the promotion of electric vehicles, the battery is the most important factor. In addition, vehicle-mounted batteries should not only have high technical strength in cost, energy density, charging time, safety and other aspects, but also have the ability to ensure its own stable supply and recycling and other aspects of the response. Faced with this kind of business environment, the battery manufacturers or auto manufacturers alone efforts can not be solved.

In this business environment, Toyota and panasonic in 2017 on December 13, about the possibility of new energy automotive business cooperation with square batteries discussed issues of an agreement, then, to achieve in terms of performance and cost of corresponding high capacity, high output ability of the industry's first new energy vehicles, with square batteries and, not only for Toyota, more should be a wide range of auto makers to contribute to the popularization of new energy car, the two companies to the specific cooperation content has carried on the earnest and sincere negotiation. For the signing of this contract, the two sides are convinced that it can better promote the two companies to achieve the business goal of manufacturing competitive new energy vehicle batteries.

Joint venture brings together two companies of high quality resources, is a blend of Toyota's strengths "electric car technology market data, all the solid battery and leading technologies such as Toyota's unique manufacturing process" and panasonic's strengths as a battery manufacturer of "high quality, high security and high capacity, high output capacity of the battery manufacturing technology, production technology, domestic and international customer base plate", achieve the No. 1 r&d capability and No. Manufacturing capacity.

Specifically, No. 1. The research and development capability of the battery is to realize the "research and development acceleration" of high-capacity and high-output capacity batteries through cooperation from the planning and conception stage of the vehicle. In addition, No. 1. The manufacturing capacity of the two companies is the mutual sharing of production technical resources and manufacturing process skills. In addition, with the establishment of a high-quality and low-cost "stable supply system", procurement can be realized through the flexible use of economies of scale. Reduction of manufacturing costs.

Terasu, vice President of Toyota motor corporation, said, "working with panasonic to sharpen the competitive strength of battery, one of the core technologies of new energy vehicles, will not only contribute to the popularity of new energy vehicles for Toyota motor corporation, but also make contributions to the popularization of new energy vehicles for many automobile manufacturers. We are looking forward to solving the problems of global warming and environmental resources. Moreover, in order to provide better new energy vehicles for more customers as the goal, in order to achieve the year before the release of the "face the challenge of the popularization of electric vehicles *" (2030 new energy vehicles world annual sales number of more than 5.5 million vehicles, etc.), also gave a great expectation to the new company.

Panasonic's shibata executive director said, "the convergence with Toyota's battery technology and production technology is an excellent opportunity to accelerate the evolution of the car's square battery, which has a proven track record in performance and safety. "We will contribute to the acceleration of an environmentally friendly mobile mobility society through the electrification of cars."