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Materials For Rechargeable Batteries

- Dec 15, 2017 -

The active substance on the positive plate of lead-acid battery is lead dioxide, the active substance on the plate is sponge-like pure lead, the electrolyte is a certain concentration sulfuric acid solution, and the electromotive force between the plates is about 2V.

Ni-CD battery positive plate on the active material is nickel oxide powder, the negative plate of the active substance is cadmium oxide powder, active substances are wrapped in perforated steel strip, after the pressure molding is the battery positive and negative plate. The electrolyte is usually used in potassium hydroxide solutions. The open circuit voltage of the battery is 1.2V.

Nickel metal hydride battery cathode plate material is nickel oxide powder, negative plate material is hydrogen-absorbing alloy, electrolyte solution of potassium hydroxide. , the open circuit voltage of the battery is 1.2V. Lithium-ion battery with LiCoO2 composite metal oxides in the formation of aluminum anode, lithium-carbon compounds in the copper plate to form a cathode, the plate between the Submicron micro-level microporous polyolefin film separator, electrolyte for organic solvents. Open circuit voltage is 3.6V.

Lithium Polymer Electric is an improved lithium-ion battery, no battery liquid, instead of polymer electrolyte, stable than ion battery. Open circuit voltage 3.6V.