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Maintenance Of Rechargeable Batteries

- Dec 15, 2017 -

The charging of rechargeable batteries has always been the focus of people's concern, the correct and good charging method can ensure the life of the battery. Rechargeable battery recommended Charging method has a variety of different charging methods on the charger line has different requirements, natural impact on the cost.

Memory effect is a big natural enemy of rechargeable batteries, it is generally believed to be caused by long incorrect charging, it can make the battery premature. Memory effect can make the battery can not effectively charge, there is a full fill, a use of the phenomenon. The way to prevent the memory effect of the battery is to ensure that the battery is "sufficiently light" principle, that is, before charging the best to light the residual power in the battery, to recharge once sufficient. Nickel-cadmium batteries are usually prone to memory effects, so the charge should pay special attention, Ni-MH battery Theoretically has no memory effect, but it is best to follow the principle of "sufficient light", which is also a lot of chargers to provide discharge additional function reason. For batteries that have a reduced capacity due to memory effects, we can repeat them several times with a single, ample, one-off glow, and most of the batteries can be repaired. For some long time, the loss of active battery can try to use a large current impact method to try to hit the live.