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Lithium Reduces The Instability Of Fusion Plasma

- Dec 20, 2018 -

The scientists found that when the lithium powder was applied to the tungsten plasma decent component of the bias filter, it could eliminate the instability of the edge localized mode (ELMs).


The picture shows the location of two lithium injector and lithium injection before and after the plasma color image red light deuterium and lithium, lithium and the yellow and orange line emission of light as a part of the intelligent mobile phone batteries, lithium in clean fusion can also play an important role in the development of the scientists found that when the lithium-ion batteries used in the fusion device in tungsten surface, lithium can reduce periodic instability in the plasma and the U.S. department of energy (DOE) to avoid damage to the reactor wall PrincetonPlasma physics laboratory (PPPL) of China's scientists and experimental advanced superconducting Tokamak (EAST) cooperative research results show that the lithium powder can eliminate called instability at the edge of the localized mode (ELMs) can be used in the coated tungsten plasma divertor decent to the components of the device by the plasma discharge waste heat and particles, so as to promote the fusion reaction if tungsten plasma exist alone, this instability will damage the divertor and make it impossible to fusion reaction of failure for the plan to use tungsten special lithium divertor future device, it is a good newsPast use lithium powder on EAST experiment proved, metal can reduce the edge in plasma in vitro, damage of divertor ELMs periodic outbreaks of frequency and intensity when the high energy of plasma into high limit mode or H mode, the ELMs development regularly, H model can more efficiently store heat in the plasma ELMs will also release a lot of heat, damage to components of plasma, and material release can invade the plasma erosion and cooling fusion reaction experiments in the past, EAST of divertor porous carbon coated with light rather than heavy metal tungstenHu jiansheng and PPPL physicist Rajesh Maingi from the institute of plasma physics, Chinese academy of sciences said:So, the question is whether the lithium have the same effect on tungsten wall Recent Axi - upgrade symmetric shunt experiments of Germany (ASDEX -u) and other circular tokamaks studies have shown that plasma facing components made of tungsten actually reduces the control and the power of the ELMs lithium coating by gravity into EAST experiment compared the lithium powder, the experiment can be big quickly aggregate lithium into ASDEX -u in recent experiments, researchers manipulated the plasma inside the EAST, in order toTokamaks in the upper portion of the two partial filter run out of the waste heat, and made out of carbon of divertor is different, the partial filter is made of tungsten results show that the contact with the plasma lithium ion implantation to the plasma, the release of lithium and lithium ion of heat release as many physicists now increasingly believe that as long as it is designed to be compatible with lithium, it is can be used to reduce the fusion machine ELMs technology, gradually reduce its utilization in the future more big machinesResearch team, points out that with the progress of the experiment, eliminate the ELMs will become more easily, suggesting that, over time, eliminate lithium-ion lithium may need less as a result, scientists are trying to seek a way to adjust the volume of injected into the plasma lithium, once ELMs disappear to control the inventory of the lithium and optimize the performance of the plasma, which may reduce the injection rate.