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Lithium Battery Revolutionary Breakthrough: Restore Electricity 95% In 10 Hours

- Nov 26, 2018 -

Singapore nanyang technological university (NTU) research and development of scientific research personnel, a new battery technology is not improving cell structure, promote cell density, but against with old old batteries, which can make the lithium ion battery within 10 hours, back to 95% of capacity, is equal to "rejuvenation".


Recently, apple deliberately is all about the old iPhone drop frequency, but also from a side reflects the stagnation of the lithium battery technology over the years. Although from time to time to see some battery technology revolutionary breakthrough, but haven't heard of which put in the commercial.

Now, Singapore nanyang technological university (NTU) researchers and brought a new battery technology, not improved the structure of cell, improve cell density, but against with old old batteries, which can let the lithium ion battery in 10 hours, back to 95% of capacity, is equal to "rejuvenation".

In particular, the new technology is in each of the existing between the two electrodes in lithium ion batteries increase the third electrode, thus the residual lithium ion very discharge from one to another, to get rid of the "impurity" affect battery performance.

Because of natural properties limited, lithium battery using the longer the time, sleep loss, the more obvious capacity, charge and discharge cycle generally 300-300 times will be 15-20% of capacity loss, and cannot be reversed.

But NTU Rachid Yazami professor, said his invention can let old lithium battery soon return to the youth, and every few years can be repeated on the same battery recovery operation capacity, can prolong the service life of batteries, and conducive to environmental protection.

This invention has already made a test on a smartphone, but more important significance for the change of the electric car industry, because the average person is likely to be two years in a cell phone, but the car will be used more than ten years.

It is reported, apple, samsung and panasonic industrial giants such as has a strong interest in the invention.