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Graphene - Carbonation Sponge Oxygen Lithium Battery

- Nov 17, 2018 -

For the future of new energy car power battery discussion, the spectrum, the most discussed is graphene battery, some professional interpretation of "translation" is: use the material combined with lithium battery has two kinds of method of use, one is the use of graphene composites as conductive agent of lithium battery, 2 it is directly used as the anode, effect is to increase the activity of lithium-ion batteries, thus increasing range of electric vehicles, charging speed.


Graphene battery can effectively solve the lithium battery, product characteristics and new energy vehicles directly contacted with the user. This material is really big benefits, and South Korea's samsung has announced mastered the technique, but the cost is a big bottleneck, graphene access is not too easy, early is a material used in space, when, by what way to reduce costs, will be the high quality product "flying off" a big problem, the various car manufacturers hasn't released power plans in this area.

In simple terms, the working principle of pure electric vehicles is "direct electricity charge", hydrogen fuel cell car is H2 + O2 "burning" (chemical) electricity and water, and is equivalent to "burn" hydrogen to generate electricity. Both "battery" also is zero emissions, smaller electric lithium battery power density, low temperature activity affect life, slow charging problem, hydrogen fuel cell is completely, and higher working efficiency, which is called high quality energy of hydrogen.