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Considerations For Rechargeable Batteries

- Dec 15, 2017 -

1. Read the battery manual carefully, use the recommended battery, operate according to the operating rules;

2. Check the electrical and battery contact parts are clean, if necessary, wipe with a damp cloth, after drying in the correct polarity of the load;

3. In the absence of adult care, do not allow children to replace the battery, small batteries such as AAA should be placed in the children can not get the place;

4. Do not mix new, old batteries or different types of batteries, especially the dry and rechargeable batteries;

5. Do not attempt to regenerate a battery by heating, charging, or other means to avoid danger;

6. Do not short-circuit the rechargeable battery, or it will damage the battery, and will heat the battery burning.

7. Do not heat the battery or throw the battery into water or fire, put the battery into the water will disable the battery, the battery into the fire will cause the battery rupture, or occur

The intense chemical reaction bursts into a person, or produces some harmful gases and soot.

8. Do not disassemble the battery, or try to penetrate the battery with sharp sharp objects, because the electrolyte inside the battery will damage the skin and clothing.

9. The use of electrical appliances should disconnect the power switch, so as to avoid burning because of fever and so on;