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Applications Of Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery In The Communications Industry

- Nov 28, 2018 -

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Because of the arrival of information age, communication base station is especially important to people, is it make the network is everywhere, if the base station to stop operation, there would be no signal, such as mobile phone no network, the remote will be cut off, for the Internet age such failure will undoubtedly bring inconvenience to the life, so it is very important to the operation stability of the base station.

Due to the high reliability requirement communication, perfect communication power supply solutions require switching power supply system configuration with high reliability, high security of the battery. But lead-acid battery life is shorter, frequent maintenance, extremely outside the greenhouse environment is much less than the lithium iron phosphate battery performance is stable, although the price is more expensive, but for the importance of the communication industry, the charge is totally worth it, lithium iron phosphate batteries in the future is expected to become the main communication equipment, accessory equipment such as many types of main power supply configuration.

Lithium iron phosphate battery in communication industry basically has the following application:

(a) outdoor base station;

(b) village without air conditioning, such as base station;

(c) space nervous indoor acer station;

(d) dc supply indoor coverage/distributed source station;

(e) no mains or three or four class grid region photovoltaic solar power stations;

(f) dc power supply scheme of WLAN site, etc.

Communication UPS ac power system is mainly used in the main loop of the communication part of the power supply system, UPS ac power system communication industry application scenario is mainly as follows:

(a) the indoor coverage/distribution of communication power supply station;

(b) of communication power supply microcells station;

(c) embedded data rooms of UPS power supply;

(d) ac power supply scheme of WLAN site, etc.