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Abnormal Handling Of Rechargeable Battery

- Dec 15, 2017 -

1. Charger Smoke: Quickly unplug the charger and remove the battery. The charger smoke is generally because the mains voltage is too high to burn out the transformer caused by;

2. Battery is hot (when the packing is serious): remove the battery quickly and cover it with a hard box for 1 hours to prevent possible danger. Battery perm is usually caused by short circuit batteries or internal abnormal battery, at this time should check the Charger circuit is normal, and detect whether the battery voltage is abnormal (rechargeable battery in charge of the fever is the normal phenomenon);

3. Battery leak: Quickly remove the battery and cover with a hard box for about 1 hours to prevent possible danger and then clean the charger;

4. The rechargeable battery cannot be reused after the leakage occurs;

5. Unable to charge: Check the charger and battery. At this point, the product should be sent to the supplier after-sales service to deal with, and should not privately dismantle the charger and battery.