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What is power battery? What is the difference between the power battery and ordinary battery?

- Apr 09, 2018 -

Battery technology is a great invention with a brilliant and long history, the English word Battery” first occurred in 1749, it was labeled by American inventor Benjamin Franklin. He used one set tandem capacitor to complete the electrical experiment at that time.  He used the dilute sulfuric acid as electrolyte which solved the Battery Polarized problem as well as the first one who make the non-polarizing and electricity balanced zinc-copper, in other name Daniell cell.

In 1860, Planté, a French scientist invented a battery made of lead as electrode, which considered as the pre-storage battery, meanwhile, Leclanche who also come from France invented the carbon-zinc battery, leading battery technology to the dry cell area.

Battery technology commercialization begin with dry cell, which was invented by a british named Hellesen in 1887 and in 1896 starting mass production in America ,at the same time, Thomas Edison invented the rechargeable iron-nickel storage battery which achieved Commercial production.

From then on, benefit from the commercialization, battery technology has entered the great flourishing era, Thomas Edison invented the alkaline battery in 1914, Schlecht and Akermann invented the Nickel cadmium battery sintering machine board, Neumann developed the  sealed Ni- Cd battery, Lew Urry (Energizer) developed  the mini-alkaline battery, it states that we have enter the alkaline battery era.

After 1970, battery technology affected by energy crisis, developed into Physical energy step by step, except the continuous improvement of solar cell technology,

Lithium battery and Ni-MH battery were invented and applied in commerce gradually.

What is power battery?

Power battery is the main power source of new energy car. Actually, the power battery is the power source which provides the power for transportation conveyance machine.

Main differences compare to ordinary battery:

1. Different character

Power battery means the battery provide power for transportation machine ,usually distinguish from the smaller battery which provide power for portable electric devices. However, the ordinary battery is made of lithium metal or lithium alloy as the cathode ingredients, with Nonaqueous electrolyte solution one off battery, different from the rechargeable battery and poly lithium battery.

2. Different capacity

In the condition of new battery, we use the discharging equipment to test the capacity of power and ordinary battery, general power battery capacity is around 1000 to 1500mAh while ordinary battery capacity is above 2000 mAh, some even reach to 3400 mAh.


3. Different discharge power

One 4200 mAh capacity power battery can be discharged within several minutes but ordinary battery cant do that completely, so ordinary batterys discharge power can’t compare to power battery. The biggest difference with ordinary battery is power battery have higher discharge power and specific energy. As the power battery mainly applied in vehicle power supply, so it has higher discharge power than ordinary battery.

4. Different application area

Power battery is a supply power for electric cars, including the traditional lead acid battery, Ni-MH battery and emergent lithium-ion battery, classified into high-rate capacity battery (hybrid car) and energy type power battery(electric car),digital products like mobile and tablet which consumes lithium battery are usually considered as lithium battery products different from power battery for electric cars.