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The competitive industry of Lithium Polymer battery

- Apr 11, 2018 -

Lithium polymer battery is used on many products, such as tablet PCs, laptops and other electronics; the market’s demand is growing. Apple Corp. has taken over 40% of good suppliers for lithium polymer battery. The other companies such as DELL, Acer or Asus are searching for new LiPol battery suppliers now.

With the lack of supply, the price of lithium polymer battery is 20% higher 20% in the second quarter of this year, but that fact can’t stop the market’s demand.

Manufacturers in China, Korea and Japan are expanding their current capacity.

The great flexibility of lithium polymer battery lead to laptops to be thinner, To fit the customers requirements, and electronic companies are designing and producing more ultrathin laptops to get a larger market. Considering the high cost and lower output, electronic brands would like lithium ion battery 18650 to replace lithium polymer battery.

The ultrathin laptop demand will grow approximately 40% on the PC market at the end of next year. And to facilitate that, Intel has published a new CPU “Sandy Bridge” for ultrathin PCs.