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The choice of polymer lithium battery is very important

- Dec 15, 2017 -

Polymer lithium batteries, but also become a polymer battery. The biggest difference in safety compared to lithium-ion batteries is that when two batteries are heated to a certain extent, lithium-ion batteries explode, and lithium-polymer batteries are chemically volatile, burning at most, never exploding.

In recent years, lithium battery leakage explosion of vicious accidents occur frequently, all over the occurrence of several such accidents. Earlier, domestic and foreign also reported too many electric vehicle battery explosion accident. Industry experts point out that, although overall, the accident rate of the battery is one out of 10,000. But of the one out of 10,000, most of them are poor quality raw materials and rough production process. It is related to human life, lithium batteries can not be an accident, so the choice of lithium batteries is very important, it is best to select the label manufacturers and coded lithium battery products.

There were news of an iphone explosion in the past few years, but the news was inaccurate. The iphone uses a battery of lithium-ion batteries, so the battery itself does not explode because the battery burns causing the other parts to explode. Polymer Lithium-ion batteries, in the charging process, very easy to occur, short circuit.