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- Jun 07, 2018 -

After the past events involving batteries fires and instability; based on that, manufacturers and scientists are trying to improve the safety of the rechargeable lithium-ion battery that are powering our consumer electronics products.

 It’s been found that fires and explosions involving Lithium-ion batteries are not so common, it occurs at the probability of one in 1 million to one in 10 million batteries, according to research. Still, these events are worrying consumers and are costing the industry millions of dollars.

Researchers still do not really understand the probability of Lithium-ion batteries catching fire or exploding. Some explanations include impurities that short circuit the batteries.

Researchers are exploring the possibility of new battery materials, including components that generate less heat and reduce the risk of mishaps.


The market is already experience the new safer lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and power tools. But there is still more improvements to be done for so all the consumer electronics can benefit of these stable lithium-ion batteries.