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Reason why lithium-ion batteries are still preferred to the other alternatives

- May 05, 2018 -

With so many researches focused on battery technology for smartphones and cars, there is still an energy storage limit. New battery technologies under-development fade away before they reach the point of commercial use.

Without any real increase in newly developed energy storage, it’s cheaper to continue improving lithium-ion batteries. They are better than they once were and big companies are spending a lot in building mega factories focused solely on lithium-ion batteries. Many companies are used to designing the lithium-ion batteries around the limitations imposed. It’s cheaper and faster to do that than develop completely new types of batteries that might be better.

Researchers think it’s going to take a new chemistry to spur action, but that could take a long time focused on researches. In the meantime, big battery manufacturers are working on features to make the limited capacity of batteries more tolerable. Right now, batteries improve at an estimated 5% per year. By that standard; in about a decade, smartphones batteries could reach a week usage in one single full charge.