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Make batteries safer with new plating technologies

- Apr 18, 2018 -

A new plating technology has been developed to curb some of the potential dangers posed by lithium ion batteries.


Repeated lithium deposition/dissolution during charge/discharge can cause serious accidents due to the deposition of lithium dendrites that penetrate the separator and induce internal short-circuiting. Lithium metal is inherently unsuitable for use in rechargeable batteries due to posing certain safety risks

The new development could help society realize a low-carbon future.

 It was introduced a type of magnesium salt capable of combining with lithium, to stop lithium's continued dendritic branching. It worked, but they found it difficult to reverse, which is necessary in rechargeable batteries.

They are studying the benefits of other types of magnesium salts, as well as working to improve the electrochemical stability of the salt combined with lithium to make reversal easier.