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Lithium-ion battery future

- May 03, 2018 -

These days the world is going green and a new leaf is being turn over which makes lithium-ion battery the first solution for the electric vehicle industry. However, there are many factors at play when it comes to the lithium-ion battery.

For starters Lithium-ion battery demand is growing; which makes the surge in demand for all materials related to the lithium-ion battery. Several countries in Europe plan to ban automobiles fuelled by fossil fuels by 2040 and automakers have been lining up to get their hands on the lithium-ion batteries required to power their electric vehicle models. This has driven up demand and speculation for these materials in the coming years.

With the demand of the lithium-ion battery growing, it’s hard to say which way things will go. But one thing seems for sure, progress marches on and other batteries are coming.  If any of the materials required to create the lithium-ion battery don’t meet the demand, that will further incentivize the production of alternative batteries, and that will not be favorable for investors in lithium or cobalt.