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Advantages of polymer Batteries

- Dec 15, 2017 -

First, the polymer is safer than 18650: In the same flow, overpressure, overcharge case, the result is a bulge, one of the results is an explosion, may think of it. Plus the polymer is solid core, no 18650 of the liquid core leakage phenomenon. Therefore, the safety of polymers is very high.

Second, the polymer 18650 weight ratio is small, polymer than 18650 of the core, the same volume of polymer core volume is less than 18650 of the volume, half the weight is light. Therefore, when charging with all mobile phones or other devices, the polymer core mobile power supply can reduce the load burden of people. Because the conversion rate of the core is not used, the polymer can also bring us more surprises, let us charge a little more mobile points.

Three, polymer core than 18650, the use of time and longer life. Because the polymer can be recharged 600 times, but only half of his 18650, which means that if a person buys a polymer charger can be used for two years, so he bought a 18650 battery a year to scrap only rechargeable treasure. Second, they do not have the same wear rate. After a year's use, the polymer remains 90% of its original capacity, and 18650 battery capacity is only 65% a year later. In addition, the polymer conversion rate of 88%,18650 is only 70%, so the core of the polymer can be imagined as a longer and longer life of the polymer.