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- Jun 11, 2018 -

Following a discovery made by scientists, Batteries could get a boost that increases power, energy density and safety while dramatically reducing charge time.

A team of scientists found that lithium ion batteries can feature a fast charge-discharge, thanks to the titanium dioxide that creates a highly desirable material that increases surface area. The differences with the current battery technology are very noticeable. For example, with this new technology, the lithium ion battery can be charge up to 50% in just 6minutes compared to the current technology that only allows a 10% charge in the same amount of time.

The battery also boasts a higher capacity and a very stable discharge voltage that is good for controlling the state of charge. This discovery allows a wide range of application as the oxide materials are very safe and good alternatives to commercial graphite which is being used in the conventional battery. It also can help develop better the energy storage system batteries for solar and wind power as the material “titanium dioxide” is not expensive.

We still need to be patient to fully apply this new discovery as there are still studies to be done regarding the production process which is complicated and involves many steps.