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Lithium Polymer Battery Pack 14.8V 3000mAh

605090-3S is a lithium polymer battery pack with 3000mAh capacity.It is assembled by 3pcs 605090,thus its nominal voltage is 14.8V.

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The shape and size of the polymer lithium battery are flexible, and the capacity and size can be designed according to the diversified and personalized needs of customers (such as ultra-thin, specially shaped, curved, etc.).  

Application fields: Instrumentation, robotic, Medical, business and Security equipment; Energy storage and emergency backup power systems, etc.


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1、Can a lithium battery explode?

Normally not, thanks to the protection circuit and being memoryless


2、What is the reason for the swelling of a lithium battery?

In a case the skin of the battery is damaged, it will cause the air to go into the battery, so it will swell up.


3、What’s the life cycle of a lithium battery?

The battery can be charged up to 500 times with still 80% of energy left in.


4、What is the storage temperature of a lithium battery?

0 to 45 degrees


5、Do batteries need to be certified for an air shipment?

Yes, the UN38.3 airlift certification is needed.


6、what are the serie sizes of cylindrical lithium battery?

There are few series including series 14, series 18, series 21, series 28, series 32.


7、How do I store my Lithium polymer battery pack?

When not used, the Lithium polymer battery pack should be charged to approximately half its maximum capacity


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