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Lithium Polymer Battery Pack 11.1V 5000mAh

The shape and size of the polymer lithium battery are flexible, and the capacity and size can be designed according to the diversified and personalized needs of customers (such as ultra-thin, specially shaped, curved, etc.).

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Polymer battery features: high energy density, high capacity, light weight, high voltage operation, no memory effect and low self discharge rate. 

Application fields: Instrumentation, robotic, Medical, business and Security equipment; Energy storage and emergency backup power systems, etc.


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1.Should a protective plate be added to a lithium-ion battery pack? 

Yes. To prevent an over discharge of the battery


2.What is the advantage of the protective plate on the battery

To protect the battery through an overcharge and over current process.


3.Is it possible to have a larger capacity for a battery? 

The capacity and size of the battery is proportional to the size, the larger the size, the larger the capacity.


4.What’s a high rate battery?

If the current of the battery is too large or more than 3 C, it requires another battery.


5.What is the cut-off voltage of a lithium battery?

Based on your product requirements, the battery can be configured accordingly.


6.Can a polymer lithium battery size be customized?

Yes, it can be.


7.Do I need a special charger to charge the Lithium Polymer Batteries?

Yes. With all LiPo batteries, it is absolutely essential that the correct charging scheme be used. 


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