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7.4v 2400mah Lithium Battery For POS Machine

This lithium battery is used in the backup power supply of the POS machine, and a plastic case is added according to the customer's product requirements.

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Ⅰ/ Products Spec:


Model 665056-2S1P
Dimensions 15*60*52mm
Capacity 2400mAh
Voltage 7.4V
Environment of usage -40℃~80℃
Certifications CE、ROHS、UL、FCC、KC、IEC62133、CQC、UN38.3、MSDS


Ⅱ/ Product Description:


SUM Electronics is a Chinese lithium battery manufacturer. The application fields of lithium batteries include: commercial electronic equipment, POS machine, forklift, medical equipment, base station industrial instrumentation, street light, photovoltaic power station mobile lighting, LED lamps, portable medical equipment, military and police electronic equipment, Solar energy storage equipment, etc.


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1.What is the cut-off voltage of a lithium battery?

Based on your product requirements, the battery can be configured accordingly.


2.Can a lithium battery explode?

Normally not, thanks to the protection circuit and being memoryless


3.What is the reason for the swelling of a lithium battery?

In a case the skin of the battery is damaged, it will cause the air to go into the battery, so it will swell up.


4.What’s the life cycle of a lithium battery?

The battery can be charged up to 500 times with still 80% of energy left in.


5. What is the storage temperature of a lithium battery?

0 to 45 degrees

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