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180mah Cylinder Li Polymer Batteries For Electronic Cigarettes

This 08400 battery is a lithium polymer battery cell.It is a cylinder battery.It is the advantage of li polymer battery,since it is soft packed so the shape can be not only square but cylinder.Capacity is 180mAh.

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I / Product Spec:



Rated Performance




Rated Capacity



Discharge at 0.2C

 after standard charged fully





Nominal Voltage


Operating voltage 

standard discharge


Cut-off Voltage


 Voltage at end of discharge


Charging Voltage



 Standard Charge

Constant Current 0.5C

Charge time: Approx 4.0h.


· Standard Discharge

Constant current 0.2C

   End voltage 3.0V


 Max. Continuous Discharge Current



Operation Temperature Range

Charge: 0~45℃

60±25%RH(Bare Cell.)


Discharge: -20~60℃


Max size 


Can be Customized



 Based on UN3480 PI965

 Can be Customized



II / Product Description:


1) Environmental friendly
2) High density of energy
3) Light weight
4) Low self-discharge
5) Low internal resistance
6) Long cycle life, chargeable up to 500 or 1000 times
7) No memory effect
8) Doesn't contain Mercury, No fire, No explosion, No leakage
9) Very good and quick charge, capability can be charged to 90% within 10 min.
10) Thickness can be adjusted while width and height keep the same


Advantages :

Lithium batteries have the advantages of high operating voltage, high energy density, low self-discharge rate and no memory effect. Size of batteries can be made thinner and smaller. The minimum thickness of a polymer lithium-ion battery can be 0.5 mm, the battery can be made into different sizes and shapes, which greatly improves the flexibility of the battery design, so that the battery can have different shapes and capacities.


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