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18650 Lithium-ion Batteries

This lithium battery pack is made up with 18650 lithium batteries. It is assembled by 30pcs battery cells with protection board, plug, and heat shrink film added.

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Ⅰ/ Products specs

Environment of usage-40℃~80℃

Ⅱ/ Product description

Battery protection board, lithium battery protection board is mainly for the integrated circuit board that can be charged (generally referred to lithium battery). 

The reason why lithium batteries (chargeable) need protection is determined by its own characteristics. 

Since the material of the lithium battery itself determines that it cannot be overcharged, overdischarged, overcurrent, short circuited, and ultrahigh temperature charge and discharge, so the components of the lithium battery pack always has a protection board with sampling resistor and a current protector.

This lithium battery can be mainly used in shooting training equipment, solar energy storage equipment, AGV robot equipment, etc. It is a large capacity and large voltage 18650 lithium battery pack.

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