Dongguan SUM Electronics Technology CO.,LTD. is a company with a new energy (polymer lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, lithium battery energy storage systems, etc.) series of independent research and development, full manufacturing, application sales business areas of fine diversified enterprises; long-term Deep in the battery industry, brought together a group of decades of senior industry team management and practical technical elite, in the battery application market, there are many types of accumulation, precipitation and sublimation of a number of success stories; can be based on customer product technical requirements and application environment The company adhering to the "artisans spirit, Seiko fine build, abide by the Connaught, to the service" for the purpose, committed to become the world's safest, most convenient, fastest, most cost-effective custom battery Solutions and products and services quality suppliers; so that customers have a more professional, more efficient and more comprehensive service experience will be fir and Mao team perseverance goals!



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